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Dog Training

Training a Dog might seem like an easy task  and not that crucial to many but plays a pivotal role in growing a dog. As dogs mirror your emotions and love to follow their humans showing them the right way/behaviour becomes necessary.Starting your pups training at an early age makes the procedure easier and smooth as they learn early . As their brain develops showing them the right approach helps into forming a bond between the human and the dog further leading him into a full trained one.The belief that training a puppy and getting things right in a few sessions is not true . Teaching your puppy obedience , manners , behaviour traits and teaching them the right commands is a never ending job.there are a few factors that lead a comfortable and merry environment for them.Raising a dog smoothly and being responsible pet parent is what dog training enables and causes into being one of the striving points considering getting your dog professionally trained.

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Dog Boarding

One of the major concerns any pet parent has is keeping their dog away for boarding .With surrounding them with a safe but a hygienic atmosphere finding the right place where they will be taken care of alike their homes is a challenge.We at Pawfecto Chein make sure your dogs feel homely , special and are given the love,affection care and pampering.We try to do our best  by keeping their food schedules right as per their normal routine and make sure that their enthusiastic selfs are intact via games , play and mind engaging activities.Since being in the house sets them free without any cages or kennels they can roam around freely just like their hoomans house.Special care relating to their medicines ,food allergies and how they feel is taken which impacts a good time spent for them.A bonus here is that we only keep one dog at a time in the house so they are given the right amount of attention in our respective houses.Their walking schedules are taken special care of so they don’t miss any which is a major worry for all the owners.We would love to have your furry friends with us we are just a call away .

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Dog in Nature

Dog Hiking

Hiking with your dog can be a very good activity resulting into boosting enthusiasm and killing boredom for your dogs.As we know dogs love fun and play and with the right amount of exercise and activities it can lead your dog into a cheerful and active mate for you.Bonding with your dog strengthens after going together for outdoor activities . Providing them the right exercises boosts their enthusiasm in ways which makes them less lethargic , disinterested ,stressed and they don’t act up in weird ways like they do when bored or alone.Since Outdoor Activities play a vital role in the ways how your dog will lead his life hiking can be a good exercise that is easily accessible and hassle-free.Definitely coming along with your dog is a advantage but if that’s not possible we would surely love to get your pooch on a hike.

Dog Walking

Dogs are always in need of exercise if theyre not provided with it they can become lethargic.Not everyone can adjust their schedule to accommodate these walks with their furry partner.Hence Dog Walking becomes an essential service required by most.Dog Walkers are professionals trained to handle your dog with utmost care while making sure their walking needs are satisfied. Our walkers make sure to incorporate a sense of discipline into your dogs schedule pertaining to their walks.They train the dog to adjust to the owners pattern while walking with them so you can also enjoy having a comfortable dog with your pooch.

Dog Walk
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