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About Us

The Best Therapists has fur four legs and a wagging tail. We at Pawfecto Chein believe our furry friends always deserve the best. The kind of affection, love, care and education that they require is something special. Being a new dog parent can come as a challenge and we are here to make it hassle-free and natural. Training and Guiding your Dog needs a Detailed Procedure and it is our key role to help you understand their behavioral patterns and traits, We aim at making this experience smooth, relatable and effortless. This facilitates you to engage in communication with your dog via various means such as commands, actions, directions, rewards and most importantly Body Language of both yours and the dogs.

Training the dog is never enough, the dog parent needs to be assisted and informed about a lot of small details which are of great significance going forward, this requires both observation and expertise enabling the dog and the human to have a good happy life helping them to co-exist together. Dogs have their own requirements and we help you with anything and everything such as dog training, dog-walking, dog boarding, dog-hiking etc.

Educating and Understanding a Dog’s psychology is of paramount importance to help them adapt, especially in different scenarios. Our furry friends love to follow and are very sensitive to emotions, so projecting the right energy, analyzing the why, what and how is something mandatory. Dogs are free spirits and we intend to help them in a similar atmosphere by not controlling them and instead using positive energies to help them understand your ways. This builds a Relationship binding for lives.

The best way is often the simplest, you just need to know how.  Our Experts are just a click away. Contact Us now for a special journey combined with a lot of fun and bonding exercises for both you and your pawfect friend.

Meet The Team

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Sameer Merchant

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Dog Trainer & Behaviorist


Vinayak Thorat

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Dog Walker


Akshay Dhuri

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Dog Trainer/Walker 

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