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About this item

  • PET DEFENCE FOR TICKS & FLEAS - Captain Zack Excuse Me, Fleas! Anti-microbial shampoo formulated with natural lemon grass and citronella oils eliminates fleas, ticks, larvae & lice. Just comb away the immobilized ticks and fleas.
  • GUARD AGAINST SKIN INFECTION, ITCHINESS AND IRRITATION- This anti-microbial shampoo with herbal extracts, essential oils and plant based ingredients guards our pets against infections, itchiness and inflammations, improves overall skin condition and leaves them with a rich, healthy & shiny coat.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We have used plant-based ingredients like Aloe Vera and Natural Extracts of Vitamin E along with certified Essential oils of Citronella and Lemongrass, that have Anti-bacterial, Anti- Fungal, Antiseptic and soothing properties. This ensures that your furry friends are guarded from skiinfections, ticks & fleas & itchiness.
  • NO NASTY CHEMICALS- We love pets as family and have zero tolerance towards any side effects that could be caused to them. Use of nasty chemicals like pesticides have caused adverse reactions in pets due to their harsh nature. We have ended this misery for you by creating a natural & safe solution for their problems. All products contain Natural Active and Essential Oils while being Paraben Free, pH Balanced, Vegan & Cruelty Free, Artificial Fragrance Free &am